My Hair Loss Treatment

My Story of When I Visited the Trichologist, David Satchell for Hair Loss Treatment
written by Mrs G, Sussex, UK

There was a time a few years ago, when I looked in the mirror and realised I was losing my hair quite quickly.  I really needed hair loss treatment, and fast! My hair had always been very fine, and because of this I used rollers to help increase the body of the hair. But, there I was checking out my lovely golden locks when I noticed there wasn’t much left … and (horror upon horrors) I noticed bald patches around the back of my head.

It was difficult to know what to do, never having been in this position before. But I chatted to some of my friends and told them my woes. One friend suggested I visit David Satchell, the Trichologist, and see if he could help me. As the salon was only a few miles away I decided to make an appointment.

Upon first meeting David Satchell, I was struck by the kindliness and politeness of this man. He first of all asked me loads of questions – such as how long ago this problem of mine became noticeable – had I had any trauma during the past – he even wanted to know what I ate! To someone like me, totally unaware that diet was one of the key factors in hair and scalp health, this came as something of a shock. (Actually my diet was pretty good anyway!)

The main thing I learnt at that point was the fact that eating RAW fruit and vegetables as much as possible was very important. David Satchell then went on to explain about something called “Live Enzymes” – and no, I hadn’t been aware how important these are. It turns out that we are born with a finite number of live enzymes, and by the time we are about thirty-five we have used up our allowance, and then need to rely on a really good diet together with a good food supplement. Cooking destroys enzymes (something else I was not aware of) and so does freezing. Therefore the more raw food we eat, the better.

After this extensive consultation David asked me if I would like to have a scalp treatment to try and halt the hair loss, and start the re-growth again. Naturally I agreed, and I was amazed how thorough and yet simple, this treatment was.

First of all David cleansed my scalp thoroughly with cleansing lotion, followed by applying a cleansing balm and heat treatment, together with a lengthy scalp massage. I found this to be very relaxing indeed. Then it was over to the basin for the shampoo – a totally natural product of course (as are all of the Eucaderm hair products). The shampoo fragrance was lovely.

Then David treated my scalp with the Hair and Scalp Stimulator – a colourless liquid (mustn’t get that in my eyes!) followed by a cold water blast from the shower-head. Then came more massage – then more cold water – then more massage, and so on. The cold water was quite a shock to the head! Then finally came the conditioning. I was told this was made from pure essential oils (that was why I loved the fragrance!) David told me he has three different types of shampoos and conditioners, for different scalp problems.

David suggested I take home the Eucaderm home-care pack, which consisted of shampoo, conditioner and stimulator, together with a supply of the Eucaderm food supplements, TN25 Live Enzymes. I went to the Eucaderm Clinic every week for about two months for more treatments. David noticed my hair re-growth started very quickly, after about a month. Very soon I could feel the hair becoming thicker. I carried on the treatments each morning at home; yes – the cold water treatment too!

All this sounds very involved, but I can honestly say it really did work, and it was really good to know that the Eucaderm products are totally pure, natural, and non-hormonal. I would totally recommend David Satchell and the Eucaderm Clinic. I believe they have over 70% success rate for curing alopecia, and Eucaderm clients come from all over the World. In fact, I heard that he had someone all the way from Israel last week. David has had over thirty-five years of experience, and it shows in his hair loss treatments and expertise.

As a footnote, I also know that it’s possible to use the Eucaderm products in your own home – no need to visit the Clinic at Eastbourne if it’s too far to travel.   Oh and watch out for the new hair colours he is working on. They have none of the nasties in them. Fabulous!!

Mrs G, Sussex, UK


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Do we Need Extra Live Enzymes in our Diet?

Do we Really Need to take Extra Live Enzymes in our Diet?

What is this TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement? Is it beneficial, or just yet another supplement?  And why should a Trichologist be talking about a food supplement anyway?Raw fruit and veg

Well, one of the very vital ingredients in this supplement is the Live Enzymes. Live Enzymes are essential for our health – they are normally only found in raw fruit and vegetables and uncooked food.

The human body is born with a finite number of live enzymes, so as we age, our own supply of these enzymes diminishes. It’s an unfortunate fact that by the age of about 30 years, most people have ‘used up’ their allocation of live enzymes. Therefore it’s more and more important for all of us, but particularly as we age, that we supplement our diet with extra vitamins and live enzymes.

It’s probably best to explain the benefits of TN25 live enzyme food supplement by introducing you to Becky – a 16 year old girl, who had missed a lot of school owing to an ‘illness’ that no-one could put a name to.

Some of the symptoms Becky suffered were spontaneous breathing, severe tonsillitis, glandular problems and conjunctivitis. She was taken to the doctor who examined her thoroughly, and gave her many blood tests, but the results were inconclusive, and in the end the doctors could do nothing to help her… Watch Becky explaining everything here in this video:

(Read the article here)

Try as we might it’s difficult to eat sufficient quantities of RAW fruit and vegetables.  Therefore supplementing our diets with  live enzymes and vitamins is an excellent way of ensuring we stay healthy.

So why should a Trichologist be talking about this at all? As we already know the key to healthy hair begins with a healthy body and I wholeheartedly recommend boosting the immune system using the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN25. It’s clear that this supplement also benefits the whole body.

The next video tells the story of Pauline’s autistic son. This little boy experienced a dramatic improvement after taking the TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement.

(Read the article here)

Within this Eucaderm Supplement is a unique combination of Vitamins,  Minerals and Probiotics, together with Live Enzymes which are essential for the absorption of the vitamins into the body.

TN25 Live Enzymes

Click for more info

It’s important to understand that it’s not just your hair and scalp that benefit from the Eucaderm range of vitamins and food supplements, but the whole body.

TN25 is approved by the Medicine Controls Agency (MCA) as a support to the Immune System

One important point to remember is TN25 food supplement should be taken with a cold drink, and ideally during or immediately after meals. (Never take with a hot drink – as heat will destroy the living enzymes)

By the way, if you would like to see what happens inside the stomach when taking the TN25 supplement, please watch this short video below – it’s quite an eye-opener!


Back again soon,

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Resveratrol Fights Cancer

I thought you might like to read the following article printed in the Daily Express on 3rd October 2013, about “Red Wine Compound Resveratrol Fights Cancer” which makes very interesting reading indeed.

“British scientists have discovered how to get biologically active doses of resveratrol, the anti-ageing compound extracted from the skins of red grapes, into the body.

“The major development paves the way for new treatments… Continue reading

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How Hair loss and Scalp health is affected by Diet

Which comes first – Stress control or Diet?

I firmly believe there is realistic hope for those who suffer from hair loss and other allied conditions, and I have spent many years researching these problems.  If you have read through the other articles on this website, you will have noticed two things being mentioned over and over again: the importance of stress control and a healthy, balanced diet in counteracting stress and in building general health.

In the last few years, our eating habits have come under the media spotlight … Continue reading

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Hair Loss: The Problems, and a New Approach to Treatment


Hair loss is depressing, traumatic and embarrassing – I know because I’ve been there.

If I had known when I started losing my hair, everything it’s taken me over thirty years to discover, I’m confident that today I would have a thicker head of hair.

Alopecia sufferer

Alopecia sufferer

Scalp problems can be equally unpleasant, and due to advertising pressure dandruff has become even more socially unacceptable than hair loss.

Hair Loss (Alopecia) is a condition that can cause widening patches of baldness, and which is sometimes only temporary. It is generally accepted that Alopecia is an autoimmune disease.

The Causes of Hair Loss … Continue reading

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Hair Restorers and Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair Restorers – a Case for Suitable Treatment?

I have been asked countless times whether it is wise to use the many so-called hair restorers, some of which are only available on prescription from a doctor, and others that can be bought over the counter at your local chemist.

My personal view is that it is best to leave such things well alone.  Although my own hopes have been raised every time a ‘new discovery’ has come on the market, I have yet to find anything better than the treatments available here from Eucaderm.

One of the recent products to come on the market is Minoxidil.  Minoxidil was discovered in the USA and during its use as a cardio-vascular drug it was found that it caused patients to grow unwanted hair… Continue reading

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Stress – and Why does this Affect our Hair and Scalp?

I guess every one of us will suffer from stress at some point in our lives.  But the big question is:  Why should Stress affect your Hair and Scalp?

In a nutshell, stress promotes subum flow, which can make dandruff worse, can increase hairloss, and it affects everybody all the time.  Just living in a society that demands so much of us, and asks us to conform to a way of life that is often unhealthy, is stressful.

This is not a new phenomenon; our ancestors were under stress too.  They had to cope with the shortage of resources, hunger, hostility, even the odd attack from a sabre tooth tiger!   In our development as human beings we have evolved many ways of dealing with problems, but if stress is continuous or accumulative it can lead to a situation in which our physical and emotional health is endangered, and which in turn can lead to hair and scalp disorders.

Remember, your hair is an important barometer of what is going on in your body, and you must take notice of it.

Stressed BusinesswomanWhat exactly is Stress? Continue reading

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A Miracle Cure for Alopecia?

Recent statistics show that over eight million men in Britain are suffering from premature hair loss.  At the same time doctors, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in both Britain and America are seeing an increasing number of women with thinning hair and bald patches.  Already another two percent of the population is suffering from Psoriasis and other allied scalp conditions and their numbers are increasing as well.

alopecia suffererWhat causes Alopecia?
Statistics suggest that the build-up of Stress, Nutritional Deficiencies, Environmental Pollution and the use of Chemical Treatments, such as hair tints and perming lotions, as well as basic genetics, all play a big part in the cause of these problems.

A Miracle Cure?
Over the years Continue reading

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Got a Hair or Scalp Problem and Need Some Expert Advice?

Here at Eucaderm we have a saying:  Seeing is Believing

There are many different diseases of the scalp, and it’s important to understand the causes, before you can apply any treatments.

To show the kind of success that can be achieved – in a totally natural way – I am going to relate the experiences of a few of my patients.

You will notice that I mention the use of Hair and Scalp Care Packs, and you will find more information about these in the Eucaderm Shop.

I also talk about individual treatments which were undertaken at the Eucaderm Clinic and which can now be made available to everyone reading this article.  The suggestions I make can all be applied at home and in time the results can be equally effective.

There are many people who claim to be able to alleviate hair problems, but the ones I find most alarming are the ‘hair specialists’ who use ‘frightener tactics’ to extract vast sums of money from their clients.  They are the ones who use endless, confusing jargon, but who commit themselves to nothing.

Here are some of Eucaderm’s Case Histories…

Michelle came to see me after seeing one of these ‘specialists’ when she realised her hair was falling out.  She was told she wouldn’t be charged for the consultation, and was seen in a hotel room which had been rented for the day as an examination room.
She was eighteen years old, in good health, had no blood pressure problems and wasn’t taking any medication.  Although she had no scaling or irritation and her hair only came out when she washed it, it was very dry.
The specialist blamed her perm, which Michelle thought strange as her hair was naturally curly and she hadn’t had a perm.  He showed her pictures of bald women and told her that was how she would look in a few weeks time if she didn’t undergo his treatment
Understandably, she became very upset and when she was totally in despair, he told her not to worry and that the bill for the treatment (which she would have to administer herself at home) would be only four hundred and eighty-three pounds. Michelle paid the money and left the hotel in tears…. read more


Darren is a musician.  When he contacted me he was very concerned about the loss of his hair, particularly in the frontal region.  He was only eighteen and obviously anxious not to go completely bald.
At our first consultation he told me he had been to various hair treatment centres in London, and paid vast sums of money for special lotions that he had been using for a considerable time.
He had been attending one particular centre on a regular weekly basis and the combined cost of treatment, travel and time off work had forced him to begin selling his musical instruments.  When the course of treatment ran out and he was presented with yet another huge bill, a friend advised him to come to my Eucaderm Clinic… read more


Ann went through a very traumatic time when her husband suffered a heart attack.  He was off work for four months and is now fit again and back at work.  However the shock affected Ann so badly that she began to lose her hair and within six weeks had to resort to wearing a wig.
Obviously she found this very depressing.  But then she remembered reading an article in the local paper about my Hair Research Clinic in Eastbourne and decided to make an appointment…  read more


When Trevor came to see me, he had a particularly severe case of Neuro-dermatitis.  His scalp was highly inflamed and very scaly and the condition spread down below the collar line.
Although he had tried many different treatments without success…  read more


Carole came to me having had a thyroid operation that had not been very successful.  Her thyroid had become under-active and she was prescribed Thyroxin.  This resulted in her hair becoming very weak, limp and lifeless, and dropping out at an alarming rate.  Her scalp became scaly and she was deeply distressed.
This was a very awkward case because I knew that while her thyroid was under-active and she was taking Thyroxin, treatment would be very difficult… read more


One of the biggest successes of the Eucaderm Hair and Scalp Care Packs is in the treatment of Pityriasis Amientacea.
Suzanne came to see me with the most severe case of this condition.  Both the left and right sides of her scalp were thickly coated in the asbestos-like scale, which builds up along the hairs, encasing them tightly against the scalp.  The scales hang from the hair and feel like rough plaster to the touch… read more

If you would like to talk with David Satchell about any problems you may have,
please go to our
Contact page, and send an email, or leave a message on the telephone.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Back again soon,

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Breaking News – New Clinic Opened!


We are delighted to announce that we have a new Eucaderm Clinic recently opened in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The proprietress of the new Clinic is Lucy Watts, who is fully trained in the specialist Eucaderm  techniques.

The Clinic opened its doors on 1st August 2012, and we have many clients already seeking us out!  Continue reading

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