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Alopecia Hair Loss Clinic

Why visit a Trichologist….why indeed?

I can only tell you my own opinion. When you start to lose your hair and the hair noticeably gets thinner, it causes a lot of unseen psychological concerns and worry. Nobody really wants to be bothered about it, after all nobody ever died from hair loss. But for me, I was left trying to find an answer to the never ending shedding of my hair. I searched all the cosmetic counters looking for that one product that would take the weight off my shoulders. I never found it and it wasn’t until I went to work in London that I found help.

So I ask the question again. Why visit a trichologist?

Alopecia hair loss clinic

David Satchell, Consultant Trichologist

Well surely it is better to find out what is going on rather than leaving the problem to get worse. I say at least invest a little money to go and see what can be done. During my lifetime, I am proud to say I have been able to help a good many people.

Treatment has improved immeasurably since when I began. It’s at least worth a phone call……isn’t it?

David Satchell
Consultant Trichologist
Eucaderm Ltd

Eucaderm’s New Natural Treatments

Recent statistics show that over eight million men in Britain are suffering from premature hair loss.  At the same time doctors, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in both Britain and America are seeing an increasing number of women with thinning hair and bald patches.  Already another two percent of the population is suffering from Psoriasis and other allied scalp conditions and their numbers are increasing as well.

Eucaderm has carried out extensive research into alopecia and hair and scalp care to find out exactly what causes the hair and scalp problems that are becoming more and more apparent in today’s modern life. The results of this research will change the way we approach hair and scalp care for generations to come…  (read more about our Research programme here)

Alopecia hair loss clinicWhat causes Alopecia (hair loss)?

Statistics suggest that the build-up of Stress, Nutritional Deficiencies, Environmental Pollution and the use of Chemical Treatments, such as hair tints and perming lotions, as well as basic genetics, all play a big part in the cause of these problems.

Over the years many so-called miracle cures have entered the scene giving brief hope, but unfortunately very little long-term help. Even with the discovery of the topical scalp lotions, Minoxidil and Propecia, the fact remains that few people have gained any lasting benefit even though some have been willing to spend large sums of money over extended periods of time.

There has long been a need for a new approach to hair and scalp problems that will give realistic hope to all sufferers and that won’t put too great a strain on their pockets.

There Really is Hope!

I firmly believe there is hope for those who suffer from alopecia, hair loss and other allied conditions, and I have spent many years researching these problems. I am now able to offer effective and practical advice combined with an amazing new range of natural Eucaderm Hair and Scalp Care Treatments, which are revolutionising the way hair care is understood; solve many of the existing hair and scalp problems and which will, I hope, give much needed psychological support to sufferers.

It is for all those who at some time in their lives experience alopecia, hair loss or scalp disorders and who need understanding, practical help and guidance, that I present this Site.

David Satchell S.R.H  M.C.H. M.inst.P.I.
Consultant Trichologist
Eucaderm Ltd
alopecia hair loss clinic