Some of the Client Reviews from The Eucaderm Hair & Scalp Clinic


The Eucaderm Hair & Scalp Clinic has treated many hundreds of clients from all over the world.


Here are some Testimonials from clients of David Satchell, Trichologist,
who were treated with the Eucaderm alopecia natural treatments,
together with photos and video.


The latest exciting news from Eucaderm is about the new treatment using plant-based Stem Cells. It’s very different from what you would expect; there are no injections involved – simply a weekly application of stem cell liquid on to the scalp. Completely amazing results after just ten weeks!

We have been overwhelmed with our clients’ success stories. Here’s a photo of Mr T’s treatment, the first picture taken at week 1 of the treatment, and the second picture taken at week 10. There’s quite a difference as you can see!  Read all about it here

Stem Cell Treatment

Mr T’s Stem Cell treatment


Here is a letter I received today from my Client named Laura. (It’s July 2022 as I write this)

I just wanted to also give HUGE thanks! I am blown away by the change to my hair since using the Eucaderm no.3 package!  It is utterly incredible. I’ve struggled with my hair my whole adult life. It feels so different, to the point where my partner – who notices nothing – even commented how great it looks! Thank you. The difference it makes to my time – drying and stressing, and in confidence is huge. Laura.


This is a letter I have received from one of my Clients (it’s February 2022 as I write this)

Hi David
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for everything you’ve done to sort out my hair loss over the past 6 weeks. You’re a miracle worker & there are no words to express how grateful I am. I’m really starting to notice a difference now. My confidence & self esteem were at rock bottom & you’re single handedly changing that for the better.
Thank you SO much!
Best wishes
Emma S


This is Diane – a Eucaderm client – who has very kindly agreed to allow these to be published.  Diane was suffering with Alopecia, and lost all of her hair. The photos show before, during, and after the Eucaderm treatments.

Alopecia Natural Treatments*****



As I write this it’s 2020, the time of the Covid-19 LockDown, and while we have been unable to work in the Eucaderm Clinic we have been developing some very exciting new products.


hair loss treatment


Today I have received a letter from one of our Clients, Maggie G from Sussex, and this is what she has to say:

Maggie's review

…and here is another:

Hi David
Thought I would give you an update on my progress with using your products for 12 days so far:
The first 3- 4 days I was washing twice a day. By the 4th day my scalp was turning pretty pink and staying that way (didn’t know if it was normal or not to do this) so I dropped it down to once a day (which is still 6 times more washing my hair than I normally do) It still gets pink but not after every time.
My scalp tingles using the Stimulator (but in a good way) and its actually pretty refreshing when the process is completed.
My hair feels super clean and with more volume after this process. I love these products!
I do not blow dry or style my hair after – just towel/ and air dry the hair.
Marianne C

Review from Miss TD

“I have been treating Clients successfully with David’s Satchell’s Eucaderm products for many years. Clients will almost always continue to use them as they leave the hair so healthy and shiny.

I love the recent enhancements to Eucaderm Shampoo 3 and Conditioner 3.
As you would expect from Eucaderm, they leave the hair in beautifully soft condition without weighing it down.

The fragrance of natural Eucalyptus and Citrus oils in the new shampoo formula are also very reassuring in respect of the antiseptic properties of another great Eucaderm Product.

Congratulations David on another triumphant development!
Best regards LukasKingwill Kings Hair Clinic, Hove”


“I’ve been using Eucaderm products every day for the last 20 years and I couldn’t be without them – I get anxious when I start to run low on my supplies!  I really like the new Shampoo no.3 formula which leaves my fine hair feeling light and shiny.”
K.W. London


Hi David
Thank you for your Home Care Treatment Pack 3 which arrived yesterday in Australia.
After using the contents immediately, the scalp itch has settled.
This client had a very bad scalp indeed; she had Pityriasis Amiantacea!!
Jennifer A.


One of Eucaderm’s Clients, Nadia, also had to battle with losing her hair due to Alopecia.
Here she is talking to David Satchell at the Eucaderm Clinic in Eastbourne.


Over the years many hundreds of clients from all over the world, including the USA, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Malta, and so on, have travelled to the UK especially to receive the Eucaderm Treatment from David Satchell,Trichologist.

Another of Eucaderm’s Clients, Kelly, from the USA treated her nasty attack of Pityriasis Amiantacea by purchasing the Eucaderm Home Care Treatment Pack No.3 by mail order. Within the space of a week Kelly’s symptoms had almost cleared! Eight months later and here’s what Kelly said when she contacted David Satchell to tell him the good news:

Treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea
(To read Kelly’s story please click here)



If you also suffer with Alopecia or other scalp problems, please let us help you –
we can offer professional advice on the best way to treat yourself.

Just email David Satchell here:  [email protected]



Here’s what a few of our other clients have to say about the Eucaderm Alopecia Natural Treatments:


Testimonial from Miss D Dorset
Eucaderm Client Reviews

Another Review

More Client Reviews


Here are two photos of Mrs S, who kindly allowed me to publish some ‘before and after’ shots of her Alopecia Natural Treatments. As you can imagine this lady was delighted with the results achieved.
Alopecia Natural Treatments

Alopecia Testimonails mail-order

David Satchell, Trichologist

David Satchell Consultant Trichologist








Any questions? Please email David Satchell at:  [email protected] – we will normally reply within 24 hours.
Thank you!

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