David Satchell’s Hair Design Scrap Book

David Satchell’s Hair Design work from some old scrap books and newspaper cuttings when he was a hair designer in London, which may be of interest to you…

Fabulous photos! Great fun, I’m sure you will agree!

masses of blond curls



Curls & ringlets - mid 70s



girl with turban
long dark curls

















 hair design by David Satkchell - blonde curls



blond girl with fan


These photographs below are from old newspaper cuttings, so please excuse the wrinkles!


short blond soft

short dark soft













blond curls on top



Quoted from “Hairdressers Journal”  February 25th 1972:


Some salons book three clients, take 60p or 70p from each… and then lose two of them.
“I’d rather spend the same time serving one client well” says David.  “I know she’ll be paying £2 or £3 for her hairdressing, and I know she’ll go away to recommend me to her friends.
“My service may be less lucrative at times, but it is most satisfying”, says David, who expects to handle five or six clients a day.
“If a client needs two or three hours’ attention from me she will have it.”
Hair care, he feels, is becoming increasingly important.  Cleanliness, trichology service and an air of relaxation are all vital to the salon.
A client is not just a head of hair, but a woman in need of a psychological uplift, a boost to her morale.  How she dresses, her way of life and her mood must all be taken into account in the stylist’s attempt to make her a new woman.
David was with Vidal Sassoon for three years, then with Eve of Rome, and later was a director of a London Salon Group.
Following this he had a mini-salon and worked on his own in a small shopping area in a high class residential district.  But soon he had to decide whether it remained a mini-salon – within twelve weeks of opening he was fully booked well in advance, and without having done any advertising!

Below: David adding the finishing touches to his models


model for David Satchell

Model for David Satchell



model with David Satchell

Model with David Satchell



A Girl with a Lovely Head of Grass!

Jackie Male’s hair is green right down to the roots – and when they say roots, they mean roots.  Her hair is made of grass. That is why, instead of giving it a conventional washing it gets a conventional watering with a watering can.

girl with lovely head of grassThe grass, of course, didn’t actually grow out of model Jackie’s head.  It is a wig.  But it is real grass.

Her hair-stylist, David Satchell – he is the one doing the watering – specialises in making wigs from common or garden materials.  He has sent girls away from his London salon with their heads covered in cabbage, boiled eggs and spaghetti before now.
After that, plain grass probably seemed a bit dull, so he added a few daisies for good measure!


a head of pastaHang it All!  

Plenty of pasta, and very saucy.  Spaghetti is a versatile dish but never before has it been served so attractively.  This ornamental hair piece is the way to have your spaghetti if you want to be in vogue.
Perhaps, though, she could do with a trim…











And the photos below are – well – just a bit of fun!!

please keep off the grass


More photos to come, another day.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these old photos. They certainly bring back some wonderful memories for me!

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