How Live Enzymes Work –
Essential Key to Good Health

How Live Enzymes work
Whenever I explain How Live Enzymes Work to someone who hasn’t heard of them before, I always experience a look of vagueness coming over the other’s face.  Not surprising though, as although many people do know what enzymes are, there are also many others who have never heard of them. And what do they have to do with the condition of your hair?

So, I thought I would write a short article about exactly what Live Enzymes are, why we need them, and then give a short video demo on what these Live Enzymes actually do, once inside our body…


The Hair Loss Vitamin

The key to Eucaderm hair care is boosting the immune system using the power of the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN25.

During our research here at Eucaderm, we have found this Vitamin and Live Enzyme supplement gives such great benefits to sufferers of alopecia and hair loss.

Live enzymes are essential for the absorption of vitamins into the body. Enzymes are the key to life – that’s the first thing we have to remember. Without enzymes, we are dead. When we are born we are given only a limited supply of enzymes.

You can only get enzymes from raw food. Once you cook an enzyme (if you take an enzyme above 118 deg F  or below 0 deg) you kill it.  For example, if you take two raw seeds – you boil one seed, then plant both the seeds, the raw one will grow and the boiled one won’t, because you have killed all the electro-magnetic properties.

It’s important to realise that because we mostly eat cooked food, we have killed and destroyed all the enzymatic properties. Okay, we are getting a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, but we’re not getting enzymes.  And our initial ‘supply’ of enzymes given to us at birth runs out by the time we reach our 30s.

So in a nutshell, because we cook our food, we get no enzymes from what we eat.  I would refer to this as eating ‘dead food’. We all know the importance of eating fresh raw fruit daily, well what about the vegetables? We can eat raw carrots okay (say with a salad or a dip), but not many of us would want to sit down and eat a raw cabbage!

How Live Enzymes workThis is where TN25 Live Enzymes food supplement comes in

With this supplement, not only are you getting all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids that you need; you’ve also got Amylase, Protease, Lipase, and Betaine HCL (which comes from the juice of raw fruit and vegetables) in a concentrated form.

So, if you’re living the standard busy life and take the TN25 Live Enzyme supplement – one with your breakfast and one with your evening meal – the capsules will dissolve, break down the food, saving the pancreas and the liver. Then you’ll start to have better responses – you might find you have more energy and generally feel much better in yourself.  But we do stress you should still eat raw fruit and vegetables as well.

The TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement is approved by the
Medicine Controls Agency (MCA) as a support to the immune system.

This video shows what happens inside the stomach, and how Live Enzymes work when the TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement is taken.

About David Satchell, Trichologist

David Satchell, Trichologist

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TN25 Live Enzyme Supplement  (60 capsules)
TN25 Live Enzyme Supplement (60 capsules)
The key to Eucaderm hair care is boosting the immune system using the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN25. Within this Eucaderm Supplement is a unique combination of Vitamins and Minerals together with Live Enzymes which are essential for the absorption of the vitamins into the body. Note: Not to be taken with hot drinks.