How the TN25 Live Enzymes Food Supplement Helped an Autistic Child

live enzymes helped autistic childI felt I had to tell you about Pauline and how the Eucaderm TN25 Live Enzymes food supplement helped her autistic child Richard, and saw an amazing improvement in his health and wellbeing. See video below.

As we already know the key to healthy hair begins with a healthy body and I wholeheartedly recommend boosting the immune system using the Live Enzyme and Vitamin supplement TN25. It’s clear that this supplement also benefits the whole body.

Live enzymes are essential for the absorption of vitamins into the body. Live enzymes are the key to life.

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It’s a fact that because we mostly eat cooked food, we have killed and destroyed all the live enzymes properties. Okay, we are getting a certain amount of vitamins and minerals, but we’re not getting enzymes. Without taking live digestive enzymes, we cannot digest our food properly, especially when the food is cooked (because the enzymes have been killed during cooking).

It’s important to understand that it’s not just our hair and scalp that benefit from the Eucaderm range of vitamins and food supplements. Live Digestive Enzymes can also have a very beneficial effect on those with autism.

I won’t carry on writing a long-winded article here! But I will upload a video so you can see for yourself how Pauline’s autistic son Richard became a different child, just within a few days, once he had started taking the TN25 Live Enzyme food supplement.




Live Enzymes helped autistic child


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