Do You Suffer from Dandruff or

Pityriasis Amiantacea?



Firstly I would like to say a few words about the common condition known as Dandruff.


Many people do suffer from Dandruff. There are various types of dandruff, some quite mild and others severe. From Pityriasis to Pityriasis Amientacea, Pityriasis Steatoides to Pityrosporum. All conditions are very worrying for the client.

dandruffDandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis is a common scalp disorder.

Some types of Dandruff can cause irritation. Surprisingly enough, it is often the lighter scale that can cause this. Scales that are not thick and are easily dislodged tend to make the client scratch and this in turn starts irritation.

One of the most common conditions I am seeing at the moment is Pityriasis Amientacea. This waxy scaling works its way up the hair causing the hair to become tight to the head. This can be very tricky for the client as it is easy to catch the hair in the comb and cause the hair to be pulled out. However this is my favourite condition to treat and with the correct lotions and creams it is soon arrested. (see Kelly’s story below)

Dandruff symptoms are easy to spot: white, oily-looking flakes of dead skin that dot your hair and shoulders, and a possibly itchy, scaly scalp. The condition may worsen during the autumn and winter, when indoor heating can contribute to dry skin, and then improve during the summer.

There are many reasons why dandruff appears on the scalp. Not shampooing often enough. If you don’t regularly wash your hair, oils and skin cells from your scalp can build up, causing dandruff. The best and simplest way to control this condition is by following a healthy and hygienic scalp routine.

If you have any questions about the best treatment for this uncomfortable condition, please email David Satchell for advice and help.  [email protected]


David Satchell’s Natural Treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea

One of the biggest successes of the Eucaderm Home Care Treatment Pack is in the Natural Treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea.


Pityriasis Amiantacea is a rare dermal reaction pattern to various underlying inflammatory diseases of the scalp.  Unfortunately it’s very easy to misdiagnose due to its similarity to other scalp diseases, such as psoriasis, very bad dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or lichen planus. Pityriasis Amiantacea presents as excessive and tight scaling of the scalp. It is not a diagnosis but rather a description of thick silver-yellow scales that stick firmly to the scalp and associated hair. The condition shows on the scalp as shiny asbestos-like (amiantaceus) thick scales attached in layers to the hair shaft.  Eventually, these scales overlap, cling together, ‘build up’ and result in hard patches with matted hair at the root.

The clinical findings are very characteristic but often under-recognised; can lead to cicatricial (scarring) alopecia, and may not respond to normal standard treatment. It is therefore important to recognize the condition so that appropriate treatment can be started promptly.


Kelly’s Case History

Pityriasis Amiantacea

Client suffering from Pityriasis Amiantacea

I have recently had correspondence with Kelly who is from the USA.  She was searching locally for effective natural treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea, but without success. She came across the Eucaderm website and asked me for help. I prescribed the Home Care Treatment Pack No.3, and after using this Kelly found her scalp had cleared by 95% in the first week of treatment! Naturally enough she was delighted, and sent me this testimonial:

Quote:  “I just wanted to give you an update;  I’m just shy of completing my first week and my scalp is 95% clear!!  Thank you, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am.
Best,  Kelly”


Latest Update from Kelly

After 8 months treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea

After 8 months treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea

We have just heard from Kelly, eight months after her treatment for Pityriasis Amiantacea began – this is what she wrote:

Quote:  “Hello David
I wanted to send you an update. I’ve attached my Before picture to jog your memory of where I started – eight months later and my hair is filling in thicker than it was before I lost it. I’ve enclosed that picture as well.
I used the (Eucaderm) formula for one full month, and haven’t had a recurrence since!!
I can’t even begin to thank you for what you have done for me.
I mentioned before: I spent thousands of dollars on prescriptions and specialists that didn’t even touch it. Your product began healing instantly, and I had dramatic results after just six days!
Best regards





If you or anybody else is diagnosed with Pityriasis Amiantacea or very bad dandruff or even male pattern alopecia or hair loss then I invite them to try the Eucaderm Home Care Treatment Pack No 3. If they follow the directions they will get a good response.

It’s very good to know that the natural treatments we prescribe at Eucaderm Trichology do really work.  It’s not magic – it’s just good, natural, treatments!




Suzanne’s Case History

pityriasis amiantacea

Pityriasis Amiantacea


Suzanne came to see me with the most severe case of Pityriasis Amiantacea. Both the left and right sides of her scalp were thickly coated in the asbestos-like scale, which builds up along the hairs, encasing them tightly against the scalp. The scales clung to the hair and felt like rough plaster to the touch.

Naturally, Suzanne was finding this condition deeply distressing; not only was it very unsightly but was causing her much discomfort.

Great care has to be taken in treating this condition so that the hair isn’t lost once the scale has begun to dissolve.

I treated Suzanne’s hair twice a week using our special Eucaderm Home Care Treatment Pack no.3 and at the end of four weeks she had a perfectly healthy scalp again.

Now, with the occasional treatment at home and regular shampooing, we have completely cleared the condition.

You can find this Home Care Treatment Pack to treat your Pityriasis Amiantacea at the bottom of this page.


David Satchell S.R.H  M.C.H. M.inst.P.I.
Consultant Trichologist
Eucaderm Ltd

Eucaderm Ltd




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