Natural Treatment for
Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia


Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia


Frontal Alopecia begins with loss of hair along the front of the hairline and this will slowly move backwards. There may be some scarring along the front and sometimes the sides of your scalp. Some redness and scaly skin around the hair follicles may also be present. The area that is affected usually progresses slowly over several years. Here at Eucaderm Trichology we always recommend natural treatment for Frontal Alopecia – as with other hair and scalp problems.


Darren’s Case History


Darren is a musician. When he contacted me he was very concerned about the loss of his hair, particularly in the frontal region, known as frontal fibrosing alopecia. He was only eighteen and obviously anxious not to go completely bald.

natural treatment for frontal alopeciaAt our first consultation he told me he had been to various hair treatment centres in London, and paid vast sums of money for special lotions that he had been using for a considerable time. He had been attending one particular centre on a regular weekly basis and the combined cost of treatment, travel and time off work had forced him to begin selling his musical instruments. When the course of treatment ran out and he was presented with yet another huge bill, a friend advised him to come to my Eucaderm Clinic.


Home Care Pack no.2

Home Care Pack no.2

I decided immediately to discontinue all the previous medication he had been having and started treating him with my Home Care Pack no.2 as well as numerous cold water treatments, most of which he could apply for himself at home.

To his surprise and relief, Darren found that not only was his expenditure greatly reduced, but that the treatment was much more effective. The re-growth of his hair was little short of spectacular. Darren now continues his weekly visit to my Clinic as well as the water massages at home which has stabilised the condition, and his hair growth has increased by some 20%.


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