Natural Treatment for Hair Loss


Michelle’s Case History

This is a short account of Michelle’s experience at the hands of a so-called ‘specialist’ – when all she needed was simple natural treatment for hair loss.


Michelle came to see me after seeing one of these ‘specialists’ when she realised her hair was falling out. She was told she wouldn’t be charged for the consultation, and was seen in a hotel room which had been rented for the day as an examination room. She was eighteen years old, in good health, had no blood pressure problems and wasn’t taking any medication. Although she had no scaling or irritation and her hair only came out when she washed it, it was very dry.

The specialist blamed her perm, which Michelle thought strange as her hair was naturally curly and she hadn’t had a perm. He showed her pictures of bald women and told her that was how she would look in a few weeks time if she didn’t undergo his treatment. Understandably, she became very upset and when she was totally in despair, he told her not to worry and that the bill for the treatment (which she would have to administer herself at home) would be only four hundred and eighty-three pounds. Michelle paid the money and left the hotel in tears.

Luckily, she told her parents what had happened and her father went back to the hotel and cancelled the payment. After recommendation from a friend she made an appointment to see me.

As I listened to her story, I was frankly staggered. She had beautiful, thick hair that had been tinted and was very dry, but apart from that there was very little wrong. She had a small amount of dandruff, but basically her hair had just been over-processed and, because it was naturally curly, she found it tangled easily.


Michelle’s Treatment

Home Care Pack no.1

Home Care Pack no.1

I gave her three treatments using the Eucaderm Home Care Pack no.1 and advised her to continue with the shampoo and finishing rinse at home. Three capsules of the Eucaderm TN25 Vitamin and Live Enzyme complex helped, and within a month her hair loss had reverted to normal and her scalp was perfectly healthy again.

Naturally she was thrilled with the results of the treatment and at having saved herself a small fortune. She now has regular treatment once a month, which is all it takes to keep her hair in tiptop condition.


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David Satchell S.R.H  M.C.H. M.inst.P.I.
Consultant Trichologist
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