Research into Natural Hair Scalp Care

Trichologist David Satchell formed Eucaderm over 45 years ago. An incredible research journey into natural hair and scalp care led to the development of one of the most exciting advances in Hair and Scalp care ever…

Research into Natural Hair Scalp Care
Eucaderm has carried out extensive research into Hair Scalp care to find out exactly what causes the hair and scalp disorders that are becoming more and more apparent in today’s modern life. The results of this research will change the way we approach hair and scalp care for generations to come…


Research!  A personal message from David Satchell:

I love research!  That is the one good thing for me when we had the lockdown in March, I was able to look into the latest developments in the cosmetic range in my pharmaceutical codex. After all, it had been 50 years with the original range. My brother Dr Michael Satchell was a scientist and I think a lot of his enthusiasm rubbed off of me.

The need to get the finest oils into the products presented a challenge but I overcame these problems. The hair and scalp stimulator for example had to be gentle but effective, which thankfully it is. I always try every product on myself to see if it gives what I am looking for. That way I know that every product in the Eucaderm Range is one of the finest for hair and scalp care. I know that by reading some of the Reviews that you the customer kindly sends to me, you agree it is a great advancement. I shall go on looking and researching whilst I am able, to give you, the client, the very best.





We know hair is a bi-product of blood because using spectro-photometry, we can determine the DNA of a person. Forensic scientists now use hair for the testing of drug taking. Therefore to treat the hair and scalp, you cannot obtain a good result by using topical lotions alone. You cannot feed the hair externally. If you could, the shampoo or conditioner would be systemic and that would constitute a drug.


Research ScientistEucaderm also looked at what happened to the composition of the blood when a person was under stress. The extra release of adrenaline and stress chemicals affected the composition of the blood and so logically this area of the cause of the problem had to be addressed. A new breakthrough in the formulation of a vitamin and live enzyme product along with a special water massaging technique gave us the key to a whole new natural concept of hair and scalp treatment.

As professionals, we decided to wait until we were sure we had the best products to offer before going to the market. This has meant years of filming clients to prove our new concept worked. Happily we now have terrific results on camera which have all been scrutinised and verified by various Government agencies.


Since launching the Eucaderm range, interest from around the world has been immense and soon you will be able to buy this exciting new treatment in your own country. It will not be long before all hair and scalp problems will be treated the Eucaderm way.

David Satchell Consultant Trichologist

David Satchell
Consultant Trichologist


Treating alopecia and other scalp diseases the Eucaderm way is simple – we keep it all natural!  Our Products page explains more.






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